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Don's Automotive Removal in Thomasville, NC strives to make scrap metal recycling easy, profitable and fun. We take in a large number of items and pay cash for them, based on the material and weight. We encourage both those new to scrap and experienced professionals to come in and use our services.

We welcome one and all! Learn more about scrapping and see how it can benefit both you and the environment. 

Take your scrap metal to the experts at Don's Automotive Removal and get paid cash in-hand toda
Auto recycling and scrap metal recycling


Whether you are a contractor, home or business owner, Don's Automotive Removal in Thomasville can help you with your auto recycling and scrap metal recycling needs. Taking metal products out of the garbage and recycling them is good for the environment, so go green and find out more about what you can bring in today and how much cash we can pay you!
Metal recyling service


Most of us have junk lying around that clutters up our living space at home. Aluminum cans, old gutters, auto parts and copper wire are all examples of such items that might be considered for metal recycling. In fact, you would probably be surprised at how many common objects have some scrap metal cash value.

Feel free to give us a call at our Thomasville office to ask what we'll accept. We're always happy to help.
Get cash for your unwanted items


Why have unwanted items in your home, business or worksite that are unsightly and are taking up space? Especially if you can turn them into same-day cash!

Don's Automotive Removal in Thomasville offers junk vehicle and scrap metal recycling, and pays top dollar to customers. We pay great rates so that you bring your items to us! 

Don't wait another minute to clean up that mess, your yard, garage or attic.

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